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Mick Larson

About Mick Larson

Mick Larson is first and foremost a proud father.  He has said many times "If you need to find meaning and purpose in your life. Look no further than your child.  Raising a child is the greatest joy and greatest responsibility you will ever have in your life"  Mick's daughter is in college playing NCAA Division One softball and majoring in Physical Therapy.   His second passion is politics and social justice.  He pursues these passions

through his work on documentary films.  His first documentary pilot "Darwin v. Kansas" examined the battle between the Intelligent Design movement and the State of Kansas Board of Education.  Next, in the documentary "Jesus Christ Republican?" he poses the question "If Jesus were alive today in America. Would he vote Republican or Democrat.  This documentary is currently in production.  Also, currently in production is "PRETENSE: Myth, Belief and Meaning in America".  10 one hour episodes that dig deep into myth and meaning that make up our world, nation and beliefs.  Mick partners

and collaborates with Scott Henson to produce all his documentaries.  Their partnership is a friendship first and a passion for politics and social justice second. Together they are releasing thought provoking material into the world.  Mick started this website as a smaller outlet for his political and social justice endeavors.  This website allows Mick to produce shorter and more personal content.  In a sense Media Activism.

Mick received his Bachelors in General Studies from the University of Kansas.  While attending Kansas he was the Teaching Assistant for African American Family and Psychology of Women.  His first job after graduating from Kansas was as a mental health counselor at a Kansas City area hospital.  He then broke into the sports television business.  In 1991 Mick started his own television production company.  Mick's work has appeared on every major over the air and cable network in America.  

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