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Mick Larson

About Mick Larson

Mick Larson is first and foremost a proud father.  He has said many times "If you need to find meaning and purpose in your life. Look no further than your child.  Raising a child is the greatest joy and greatest responsibility you will ever have in your life"  Mick's daughter played NCAA Division One softball and received her undergrad degree from

The University of Missouri at Kansas City.  She is currently finishing her doctorate in physical therapy.

His second passion is politics and social justice.  He pursues these passions

through his work on documentary films.  His first documentary pilot "Darwin v. Kansas" examined the battle between the Intelligent Design movement and the State of Kansas Board of Education.  Next, he served as executive producer and director of photography for the documentary series "Pretense: Myth, Belief & Meaning in America."


Mick's first full length documentary released in September of 2020 entitled "What Would Jesus Do On Election Day" asked the question. Would Jesus' message of love and grace align itself better with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party?  


Currently in production are the projects "America's Abortion Fetish: Conservatives Need To Control Women & Uphold Patriarchy" and "The United States of Denial".  "America's Abortion Fetish" proposes the idea that conservatives use the fetus as a trojan horse to control women.  "The United States of Denial" is a documentary series examines the history of racism & genocide in America.

Mick received his Bachelors in General Studies from the University of Kansas.  With a emphasis in Radio, TV & Film.  In 1991 Mick started his own television production company.  Mick's production company provided live and pre-production work for CBS, ABC, NBC, Turner, Fox, MLB, NFL, Bally, YES, Sportsnet LA and ESPN. His work has appeared on every major over the air and cable network in America.  

For the past decade Mick has been working with the LA Dodgers television broadcast during the MLB baseball season.  And the Brooklyn Nets television broadcast on the YES Network during the NBA season.

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